Fitness Tips to Make This Your Year Of Change

Fitness Tips to Make This Your Year Of Change

Get On A Roll

Any fitness enthusiast will tell you that it’s easier to stay on track when you’ve already been following a successful program. Success breeds success. In contrast, it’s much easier for beginners to fall off the fitness wagon, precisely because they’ve got so little invested. As you improve and see physical changes taking place, you’ll be even more motivated to continue. That’s why those first few months are so important, why you need to keep pressing forward even when your mind would rather be on the couch. Buy into a training program for at least three months before evaluating. Only then can you reasonably assess your progress.

 Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Ever heard the adage that life is a marathon, not a sprint? Well, the same goes with your fitness. Doing a four-hour workout in hopes of shaping up faster can do more harm than good—and who in their right mind wants to spend four hours in the gym, anyway? Take a more balanced approach to fitness. Commit to working out an hour a day. Your results will be better, and you won’t get burned out.

Take a more balanced approach to fitness. Your results will be better, and you won’t get burned out.

Rehab Your Injuries

If you’ve got a physical condition that limits your activity, schedule an appointment with a sports-medicine doctor or physical therapist. They can help rehabilitate the issues with various exercises. Equally important, they can teach you to modify your training so you can still exercise safely.

Rise, Then Shine

Work out in the morning, before the rest of the day gets in your way. Bonus: Nailing a morning workout boosts your confidence for the rest of day.

 Get Off Your Duff At Work

Sedentary jobs are associated with greater risk for cardiovascular disease, not to mention an extra inch or two around the middle (and those two things are closely related).[1,2] Incorporate some kind of movement every 30 minutes or so at work. At, you’ll see small groups of employees walking the building’s grounds throughout the day. Find other ways to break up long periods of sitting at your desk—even if it’s just delivering a message to a coworker in person rather than by email. Keep moving!

Adjust Your Schedule To Minimize Midwinter Blues

We all feel the midwinter blues, especially those of us at northern latitudes. Personally, for whatever reason, I’m simply not motivated to train when I get off work and it’s already dark outside, so I train in the morning or on my lunch break. While it may lengthen your lunch period, ask your boss if you can work late to make up for it.

Skip The Pre-Workout Stretch

I did not say, however, to skip the warm-up. Too many trainees consider stretching to be a pre-workout activity, when it’s best saved for the end. However, 5-10 minutes of cardio helps elevate your heart rate and increases circulation. You can even do some dynamic exercises as part of your warm-up as well. But that’s not the end of your warm-up; don’t forget to do several very light sets of your first exercise. Now you’re ready to tackle the weights with reduced risk of injury. You’ll be stronger, to boot.

Skip The Post-Workout Sauna

When you sweat after an intense workout, your body is cooling itself down. Subjecting yourself to an environment of extreme heat to “remove toxins from the skin” only subjects you to increased risk of hyperthermia, in which your body temperature can rise dangerously. Likewise, skip the post-workout Jacuzzi unless your body has had ample time to cool down.

Dine In Restaurants Only Once A Week

You consume more total calories when you eat out, and many of those calories will be empty, in the form of sugary beverages and desserts. You won’t be tempted to indulge during a weak moment if you’re eating at home and no junk food or soda is present.

Try A New Recipe For A “Clean” Meal Once A Week

Not everyone loves to cook. However, anyone can turn simple recipes into tasty meals that are clean and loaded with protein by starting with our Recipe Database, which lists more than 1,400 healthy and clean recipes.

Treat Yourself To A New Kitchen Gadget

Buying a new toy for your kitchen will make eating clean foods more pleasurable. Using the right tools can cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen, and save you money in the long run. Here are eight must-have kitchen gadgets you’ll want around.

Try A New Veggie In The Produce Section Of Your Supermarket Each Month

Besides being loaded with fiber, most veggies are also low in calories and packed with micronutrients. Here are three every athlete should be eating.

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