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Arthritis accounts for half of all the chronic medical conditions in patients and 4th leading cause of disability world wide. In Indian context, one out of every six patient suffers from joints pain. As far as prevalence and disease burden is concerned, Arthritis is emerging as the second most common disease in India, putting a significant socio-economic burden on the people on India.

As we are aware that the disease starts in 40’s and 50’s and gets full blown in 60’s, it needs an early attention and intervention, preferably in early 40’s. At present, there is no platform available worldwide.

Arthritis of the Knee joint is the most common problem associated with] joints pain due to three major reasons:

  • Muscle weakness: Usually treated by a Physiotherapist using various exercise techniques and approaches.
  • Tendon or Ligament Injury: Orthopedic surgeons perform various procedures to treat conditions related to ligaments and tendon
  • Cartilage degeneration: Apparently, cartilage degeneration is the root cause of osteoarthritis and can be treated using regenerative techniques by a skilled Orthobiologist.

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Our Approach

Treatment of Arthritis need a holistic approach and a platform which can bring all the three (Orthobiologist, Orthopedic surgeon and Physiotherapist) together and enable patients to communicate for specific need based on the disease state. There is certainly a need of a dedicated platform which covers every aspect of Joints Pain and empowers people to choose what is right for them. This very thought led to the genesis of Arthritis Community……

Arthritis Community is created to empower the community and its people by giving them access to Right Opinion, Right Information at Right Time because we believe in their Right to Right.

The platform offers complete management of Joints Pain due to osteoarthritis and dedicated to people of India who are suffering from the disease and need help. Patients can explore the unique advantages of this platform which offers every element of care & support needed in his quest to deal with Joints Pain. Patients can connect with orthopedic surgeon, Orthobiologist and physiotherapist for their opinion, second opinion or an expert advice to manage his knee pain.

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